The Importance of a Credit Report

Credit Report

Credit Report

You may think that as long as you pay your monthly bills on time (or even a few days afterward) and don’t rack up a huge debt, there’s no need to check your credit report. However, you shouldn’t only check your credit report when you’re trying to buy a car, get a loan, or make any other major purchase with credit. Many credit reporting services, such as, recommend that you check your credit at least once a year in order to ensure that the information on the report is factual and that there’s no delinquent charges that you don’t recognize.

What a Bad Credit Report Can Affect

Not knowing what is on your credit report and failing to clean up even small mobile charges can have a negative impact on your ability to get a loan when you need it the most. Landlords check your credit report when you apply for a rental because they want to know whether or not you’re a dependable person. This is why it’s important to pay your bills a day before they are due. Late payments are listed on your credit report, which may cause you to be turned away by a landlord if he or she believes you won’t pay on time.

Fraudulent Charges

It’s important that you check your credit report once a year to ensure that you haven’t fallen victim to identity theft or credit card fraud. This is especially important if you shop online, as someone could obtain your credit card number digitally and rack up thousands of dollars of credit card debt before you’re even aware of it. Obtaining a copy of your report and ensuring that you recognize all of the charges and data it contains will save you a great deal of time and heartache later on down the road.

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