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The Long-term Effects of the “Short-term” Payday Loan

Payday loans are an alternative finance source for those running short of cash. They work like a two-week advance on your paycheck. But while they can appear as a short-term solution to going broke, they can have serious long-terms effects. This article about loan costs might help you, and you can also consider the following example.

Raymond Chaney, a senior citizen from Boise acquired a payday loan in November 2013 to pay $400 in car damages. But when he couldn’t pay back in two weeks, he renewed it, and in Chaney’s own words, he “did a dumb thing”.

Raymon Chaney

Raymon Chaney

Soon, he was in a debt trap (to interpolate a macro-economic term), taking several payday loans from internet-based lenders. Failure to keep up with repayments forced him to evacuate his residence and also lose his Social Security savings, which was his sole source of income.

If you think that this is a rare scenario in the U.S., you should expose yourself to some stats. About 12 million Americans in need of instant finance turn to these short-term (but high interest) solutions, simply because they can’t resort to loans or credit cards.

The shocking thing is that more than 80% of these borrowers acquire more than a dozen loans, a predicament that in Chaney’s case leaves you homeless (he owed $12,000 on a $3,000 borrowing).

The authorities are well aware of the inherent dangers involved in this type of financing, and some states have simple outlawed payday loans. Recently, celebrity Kerry Katona starred in a payday loan company advert where the message was to lead a celebrity lifestyle by borrowing cash!

Advertising Standards Authority

Advertising Standards Authority

While a previous ad featuring the same celebrity was banned, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rightly noted that banning is not a solution. Indeed, until serious efforts are not made to resolve America’s vulnerable consumer culture, we will see a lot more Chaney’s on our streets because they paid heed to some irresponsible ads by reality-show celebrities.

What we can take away from it? If you need money for the short term, be sure to choose a trusted provider like My Payday Place and pay it back on time. Payday loans and credit cards are not a solution for a gambling problem. Be aware of the risks and only use them when you really need them and can be sure to pay them off on time. If we handle them with responsibility, payday loans can be a lifesaver!

Zumba still growing in Popularity in 2012

Zumba has been available since 2001 and is pretty much the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness system around which mixes global popular music together with contagious steps which produces a thrilling “fitness-party” class.
The Zumba program has grown to become the world’s largest and most successful dance-fitness program with more than 12 million people taking weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across over 125 nations. With it’s growing recognition, it most likely will not be difficult to get a fitness center that provides Zumba classes. I think they even came up with a video or online casino game!

Zumba is mentioned to be liberating and magical which would explain why a lot of people have simply have become hooked! Zumba isn’t a fad and isn’t disappearing anytime soon therefore it may be really worth trying it!

Online casinos have taken the world by storm in 2014 – making them the most entertaining “new thing” of the year.

Great New Fitness Trend for 2012! Celebrities Secret Revealed!

If you are among the daring individuals who as a new year’s resolution chose to spend less time playing slots online and do more exercise or just remain in shape, here’s a brand new trend you may be excited to know more more about, the Xtend Barre Workout! Plenty of stars (Madonna, Came Barrymore and Anna Paquin to merely title a few) are actually hooked. It’s a combination of Pilates, dance and weight lifting all condensed in the 55 minute class. The course is paced to music those perform a mixture of floor and Barre use light weights, resistance balls and resistance bands.. It promises a lean, sculpted body which is ideal for balance and flexibility.

The creator and who owns the Xtend Barre Workout, Andrea Rogers is really a dancer and choreographer. She’s worked with lots of stars and recording artists for instance Enrique Iglesias and Aaron Carter. She incorporated dance elements and music into her sessions to have the ability to offer challenges in coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness. It fortifies, elongates, and stretches your body all the way through, from the inside out.

This really is certainly a good work out worth pausing any video or online casino game to get out of the house and get in shape. If you value Pilates but want it to be a little more lively, give it a try!